About Me

I am Canadian/Lebanese/Syrian. Yes, a melting pot. I was born in Montreal and moved to Cairo Egypt were I spent 19 years with my father's family (who are from Syrian Lebanese origin). I then moved back to Montreal to finish my studies in marketing and advertising. I am a mother to two beautiful daughters.

Love colors, harmony, nature and life. I owned my first camera at the age of 7. Photography is a passion and through the lens, I see a different world. I am in constant search of the perfect setting, lighting and mood. I am inspired by people, life, travel and food photography.
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I have worked in Marketing and advertisement and graphic design for more than 15 years. Now I am a freelancer and work on projects in branding, promotion, social media creation, graphic design, photography and blogging.

I started cooking at the age of 9 and with the years became a home gourmet cook acclaimed by family and friends.
So now I have transformed my passion into reality with my blog www.aromasoftime.com where I share my recipes with all food lovers. I test recipes several times to make sure they really do work. Many are recipes of my own creation or recipes passed down to my family and friends. My grandmother was a big inspiration in my life and I will be cooking many recipes from her recipe book. I hope that one day this blog will be a memoir for my two daughters to turn to every time they want to cook one of my recipes and remember me

I am also a globe trotter. I have lived in : Cairo/Egypt; Montreal/ Canada and in the Dominican Republic.
Countries I visited: Tunisia, Rhodos (Greece), Turkey, Switzerland, Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), New York, Boston and Chicago (USA), Dominican Rebublic, Colombia.

I speak: French, English, Arabic, German and understand: Italian and Spanish. So please don't be shy to leave me your comments and questions. I will do my best to answer you back and share my know-how with you.

With my girls in July 2010


  1. very nice blog! Do you happen to know who made the turquoise cake with pink flowers from the Montreal cake show that you posted a pic of ?


    1. Thank you Natalie. They were not all indicated. There were so many cakes. So I only took the ones that impressed me the most. I am sure though that if you send the picture of the turquoise cake to http://cakeshowmontreal.com in the question section, they might know who made it as it was a competition and the number of the cake is show in the picture. ;)


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