Monday, November 5, 2012

Cake Mania at the Cake Show in Montreal

Last week I dropped by the cake show of Montreal with my friend Marie. Both loving cakes and baking decided to check it out. We were not disappointed as there were amazing cake designs on display. Some for weddings and others for birthdays or for special events. A mind blowing show of yummy goodness laced in sugar and fondant. We were inspired!


I could not stop taking pictures and be amazed of the intricate detail work spent on each cake. Cake decoration is a real passion and worth every penny. So when you order a cake, such as these, for your next special event, don’t be surprised by the price. You will be paying for a piece of art and numerous labor intensive hours of creativity and detail work.

When Louboutin meets Martha Stewart cake creation
Marie and I stood in ah before the interesting fondant, cake and sugar shoe sculptures. I guess it is a trend now to eat designer shoes if you can’t afford the real stuff. 

At the show were also several crafts retailers and cake decorating tools manufacturers present. So gadgets, molds, and tools were plenty. I was quite amazed of what you can do with all that. Although I always decorate the birthday cakes I bake, I still find it really time consuming and hectic. You need to be in the right mood and frame of mind to be able to decorate a cake.
Crème & Cassonad (

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Micheals Canada

So if you need more information about the Cake Show, here is the link
I want also to share with you some of the amazing cake supply retails that caught my interest at the show. FYI most of them also give cake decorating classes.

Happy Baking!!!


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